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Feature Release date - Wave 1

Feature Release date -

Wave 1

Our roadmap on upcoming features to be released via web app.

Feb 16

Self onboarding for organizers

Sign up for an account on The Week. Individual sign up is already supported and we will migrate you immediately.

Feb 16

Event transfer

Auto-transfer events from other platforms via website link. Just paste in the links and we’ll generate the page for you.

Feb 16

Custom backgrounds

Generate a custom background to support your brand.

Feb 16

Bio links + featured events

Add external links to your profile and highlight certain events you want to feature for customers.

Feb 16

Notifications via app for customers

When your customer responds to an event, they will receive text messages. They can also opt into custom push notifications via mobile app.

Feb 16

Public responses

Gain insight into how many of your customers are thinking about joining or marked themselves interested in your next event.